Bench Press

Main muscles worked: Chest, front delts, triceps

How to perform this exercise?

  • Lie down on the bench and retract your shoulderblades
  • Simply lift the bar up, and bring it a little bit forward unitl it’s above your chest
  • Lower the bar down until you touch the top/highest point of your chest, then press it up again
  • Use a grip width that you’re comfortable with (wider will target more chest, closer grip is more tricep)
  • Keep your shoulderblades retrackted during the entire movement
  • Keep your feet on the ground for more stability

Note: Elbows should be at a 45-60 degree angle. If your shoulders hurt during this exercise, it might be because you point your elbows directly out to the sides in a 90 degree angle. Instead have them closer to your body or at least in the angle where I have mine.