Deadlift (conventional)

Main muscles worked: Glutes, hamstring, quads, erector spinae

How to perform this exercise?

  • Take a narrow stance with your hands wider (about shoulder width)
  • Lean over the bar while keeping your hips high and back as straight as possible
  • When lifting the weight, pretend that you’re pressing yourself away from the floor
  • Keep the bar as close to your body during the entire movement

Note: Lifting with a rounded back is not necessarily dangerous. We’re all different, some backs are straighter than others. What’s important is that your back is in a neutral position during the enitre movement. Focus more on that, rather than chasing the “perfect” straight back.

In this video I use a overhand grip where both palms are facing towards me. You can use whatever grip you’re comfortable with. Some people prefer a mixed grip, as this makes them feel stronger.