– What are my clients saying about me?

Before I hired Thomas I was in a place where I was unhappy with my body and lifestyle. I had no knowledge and I was insecure in everything I did. I also felt that I couldn’t get results, even though I was active and ate normal food. I was drained of energy and everything that had to do with diet and exercise felt extremely hard. I was motivated to make a change, but I didn’t have the knowledge to get started.

My breakthrough was when I learned that I could eat the food I enjoy and still get results. I learned that I could treat myself every now and then, and that you don’t need to follow a strict diet to get results. I also realized how small tweaks and adjustments to my diet were enough to turn things around. Not to mention the fact that I felt like I was training right and with a purpose to improve my own body. I got stronger every week and training became more fun.

I would recommend this for anyone who has the motivation to make a change, but who lacks the knowledge. To everyone who’s not looking for a quick fix, but who want to make changes in their lives. To those who wants to enjoy healthy food, but not give up their favorite foods completely!

Results after 12 weeks of coaching:
Weight: – 9 kg
Waist: – 20,5 cm

Monica J 12 uker

- Monica


Before I hired Thomas I was in a hopeless cycle with my weight gain and dieting. I had spent the last decade trying desperately to get back to a confident weight and healthy lifestyle, including exercise which I used to love to do, but due to many years of trying to use quick fixes and extreme measures found myself at square one over and over again. I had a terrible relationship with food and had pretty much given up.

My breakthrough was when Thomas helped me correct my mindset around food and allowed myself to eat without anxiety and enjoy my favourite foods in moderation, and not have such an extreme approach, which I learned was unsustainable and led me to cycles I was previously stuck in. I started eating fruit again which I hadn’t done in years and found a healthy balance and approach to feeding my body nutritious food while treating myself with control and not fear. The fact that I was losing centimetres off my waist while enjoying my regime came as a huge shock and encouraging surprise to me.

I would recommend this for anyone who has “tried everything” and is not getting anywhere, and feels like they’ve lost hope in reaching their goals. Especially busy mums who find it difficult to manage their time as Thomas really customised my plan to suit my life, taking everything into consideration which made me feel very supported and understood. Thomas has definitely pulled me out of a funk that I was stuck in and I would encourage anyone to collaborate with him!

Results after 8 weeks of coaching:
Weight: – 2 kg
Waist: – 8 cm

Christina T 8 uker

- Christina


“Before I hired Thomas my mentality towards food was very consuming. I thought and worried about it all day. Eating excessive amounts of “forbidden foods” and hating myself for it. His philosophy and approach to coaching and weight loss has completely turned that around for me.

My breakthrough was food freedom. Not obsessing, not restricting, just living. All the day to day goals he set helped me move past my unhealthy habits. 

I would recommend this for anyone who needs to be set straight with exercise and nutrition, even when you think you know the answers, Thomas helps you to apply them to real life.”

Results after 4 weeks of coaching:
Weight: – 4,1 kg
Waist: – 5,5 cm

Chloe 4 uker

- Chloe


“I started training with Thomas when he worked as a personal trainer at my gym. I spoke to him and he seemed like a very nice guy. He offered me a free training session and that’s where it all started.

I found it so inspiring that I continued working with him for 9 months, something I will never regret. We’ve had a great conversation since day one. He is a great listener and a guy who truly cares about you.

When Thomas moved he offered to take me on as an online client, an offer I couldn’t refuse. He customized a great plan for my goals and needs, and it’s great to still have him by my side.

He is very patient and always answers my questions in an interesting way. He often replies with questions, something that makes reflect and learn even more.

Thomas is a fantastic trainer and coach. He is very caring and great at working with people. He is positive and always smiling. I am really looking forward to my journey and having him as my online coach. I love it, and I highly recommend him to anyone!”

- Hilde


Before I hired Thomas I was not feeling good about my body/health, but when I started training with him I really learned many tips in order to stay healthy and fit especially for the long term!

My breakthrough was enjoying my meals without restricting myself in a harsh way. I was able to loose weight & measurements every week.

I would recommend this for anyone at any age who is serious and patient in reaching their goal.

Results after 4 weeks of coaching:
Weight: – 2,5 kg
Waist: – 8 cm

- Safa


“I’ve really enjoyed my experience and the process of working with Thomas. His questioning and support encouraged me to dig a little deeper each week. Developing consistency and reflecting upon my choices has meant I was able to feel more confident in having the tools I need in the long term.

Importantly for me, Thomas took the time to understand my own experiences and needs. I never felt that I was going to be “guilted” but that everything was an opportunity to work towards my goals. I would definitely recommend Thomas to anyone who is needing some guidance but also the correct information in a world where we are bombarded with so many messages about food!”

- Kate


“Before I hired Thomas, I was living a largely sedentary lifestyle. I was disappointed with my diet and exercise programs, and my self-esteem had plummeted. I knew I was capable of getting in great shape, but I just needed accountability and a bit of positive guidance and reinforcement. This is exactly what Thomas provided me. I am now eager to get into the gym to see actual results.

My breakthrough was almost immediate. After about a month of following Thomas’ easy-to-follow workouts, I stepped on the scale and had lost almost ten pounds! That, coupled with the self-confidence and the fact that people in my immediate circles were noticing the difference, made me realize that the simple lifestyle changes Thomas adheres to actually work

I would recommend this workout program for people who are fed up with fad diets, elaborate and expensive exercise programs, and the idea that you have to kill yourself day in and day out by only eating salads and long, difficult hours in the gym. Thomas promises the opposite of all of these things. Yes, you will put in the hard work, but you also get to be a human being, and Thomas has a deft touch that combines motivation and kindness that I think is rare in the fitness community. Yes, sweat your ass off and work hard to achieve your fitness goals. But also, enjoy that ice cream. Thomas won’t scold you for it!”

Results after 9 weeks of coaching:
Weight: – 3 kg
Waist: – 6 cm

- Nathan


“I have been working with Thomas for 6 months and I am really happy with his support! I have reached several goals during our collaboration, including a new deadlift PR and my first body weight pullup. I have also increased my strength in all the other exercises. I had a great time working with him! 

He really wants to get to know you and makes you fill out a detailed questionnaire before starting. He is very caring and great at focusing on your personal goals. This is his main focus during the entire collaboration and if you want to adjust your goals underway, he is very understanding and adjusts your plan if necessary. 

He tells you to ask him anything and answers all the questions you may have on your mind. Having the opportunity to send videos and get feedback on my technique has also been extremely helpful! If you’re stuck and lack progression on certain exercises, he always has a plan to get past the plateau. 

He is always keen to share his knowledge and gives amazing feedback on how to improve further. He’s also great at cheering you up, motivating and he’s always positive. He is always focusing helping you create a healthy relationship with diet and exercise. I highly recommend Thomas!”

- Bettina


“Before I hired Thomas, I was very confused about how this fitness/nutrition thing worked. There is so much mixed information out there and I didn’t know where to start. I was a yo-yo dieting type and would try the most restrictive diets and would usually end up failing within a couple of days. 

My breakthrough was knowing I can eat what I want as long as it fits my calories and I have it in moderation. I was not restricting myself, still eating the foods I love AND losing weight at the same time. 

I would recommend this for anyone who is lost and doesn’t know where to start when it comes to losing weight. Anyone who is looking to lose weight and is willing to be patient and consistent, not look for a quick fix. Anyone who is tired of being told contradicting things about weight loss when it actually comes down to the simplest things (coming from a girl who bought all the skinny teas and fat burners you can imagine)”

Results after 12 weeks of coaching:
Weight: – 5 kg
Waist: – 7 cm

- Selina


“Thomas Thoresen has proven himself to be a knowledgeable and reliable PT. After training for several years, I needed some help to take my results to the next level. Thomas customized a great plan to my specific goals and needs. He was quick to reply if I had any questions or if I felt that something wasn’t right. His support was great, and that made it a lot easier to reach my goal. I can, without any doubt, recommend Thomas to anyone else!”

- Even


“I highly recommend Thomas. He is great at customizing a plan that fits my lifestyle and needs, and is extremely patient having to deal with my good and bad sessions. After I started working with Thomas, I’ve noticed that my weight is more stable and that I am leaner than ever before. I’ve also stopped feeling guilty for treating myself, because it’s not going to ruin my progress as long as I stick to my calories.

Thomas responds quickly to my questions and sends videos of new exercises. I can also send him videos to get feedback on my technique. I’ve been training for several years, but never as serious as now! I absolutely love working with Thomas and I highly recommend him to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or more advanced. If you’re struggling to reach your goals and need support from a great coach, Thomas is the guy you’re looking for.”

- Merete


“Thomas is a fantastic trainer. He’s great at giving feedback and tips on how to improve. I also love the way he supports me and follow me up every week! Thomas has helped me closer to my goals, and is still helping me now. I highly recommend Thomas as an online coach for other people as well.”

- Petter



“Thomas made me realize that I had to relax, stress down and eat more food in order to progress. My body did not recover properly due to a lot of stress, too much training and too little food. I told him about my goals, and he made a great training program. He also helped me with nutrition according to my goals. Thomas is easy to communicate with, and always gives great feedback. He also has a lot of knowledge about training and nutrition. Highly recommended!”

- Charlotte


“I highly recommend Thomas. He’s going to help you get in shape! I reached out to him after an injury that held me away from training for almost a year. My goal was to lose weight and get back to playing soccer. I got great results after only 6 weeks. I got stronger and lost 8kgs during that time frame. Now I am in much better shape, and I am finally back on the soccer pitch as well”

- Bjørn



“Thomas is a great PT who really loves his job. He’s good at creating programs with various exercises to make the workouts fun. After working with Thomas, I’ve become more aware of how I work out and what I eat. I think everyone should have a PT to help them with their goals, and I highly recommend Thomas Thoresen!”

- Thomas


“I highly recommend Thomas! He is going to help you with your diet and exercise. I am a beginner, after spending the last decade on the couch. We had several conversations and he customized a plan to my specific goals and needs. He checks in with you every week, with great feedback and tips on how to get even closer to your goals.

He is understandable, quick to adapt and sees things from your perspective. He cares a lot about you and is always there if you have a question or anything else on your mind. Thomas is a fantastic trainer if you’re looking for a lifestyle change. I am very happy to have him on my team.”

- Kenneth


Before I hired Thomas I was not sure how to be able to eat everything and still lose weight. I knew I could not give up carbs and some occasional sweets etc. 

My breakthrough was understanding the importance of diet and also exercise.

I would recommend this for people looking for a sustainable lifestyle to lose weight.

Results after 4 weeks of coaching:
Weight: – 4 kg
Waist: – 2 cm

- Yeshna


I hired Thomas because I wanted to make a change both physically and mentally.

My breakthrough was learning that I had to be patient and consistent with my diet and training in order to see results.

I would recommend this to anyone who needs advice with their diet and exercise.

Results after 4 weeks of coaching:
Weight: – 1 kg
Waist: – 4 cm

- Tina